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SHINee Fashion Show
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9th-Nov-2010 07:36 pm - SHINEE STYLE ARE YOU DEAD?!?!?!
hola muchachos!
 Just wanted to share an outfit! The stuff on the bottom right is an alternative I guess.

her whisper is the lucifer by olivessss featuring silver jewelry</div></div>
inspired by this video
I hope it's allowed to post here. Since this is a SHINee Style account which isn't active anymore I might share a community which share styling tips!

So I'm proudly introducing: UnlocKEY - SHINee Key's 1st International Forum

We have a Styling-area, where we're going to share sites where you can buy Key's clothes!
We give you tutorials for make-up and also clothes and you can download t-shirt Prints which Key wore.

But beside this styling-area we're offering you the BEST of SHINee's Key~

Are you interested now? Come and Join us!

unlocKEY - Join us!
30th-Nov-2008 01:37 pm - Retro Couple
This is kind of tacky looking. :X
I have a weird thing for boombox bags and jackets...and glasses.
The left side is for the girls (obviously) and the right is Key's.
I think I should have changed Key's pants and accessories. XD

Retro Couple by Bitter Sweet
24th-Nov-2008 05:09 pm - [Mod]Tags

I don't think other people can see the tags on their computer so I'll post a list.

*set: three
*member: taemin*member: minho
*membet: onew
*member: key
*member: jonghyun

If you don't understand about the tags comment on here or PM me.

I think having a SHINee Style LJ comm is a great idea!
I look up to SHINee as style icons and ever since their debut, I've slowly grown to sport certain aspects of their style :)

The set I created is pretty much inspired (and partly ripped) by the shirt Taemin wore in Episode 6 (behind the scenes) of SHINee YunHaNam.
Onew recently wore the Whoa Mamma shirt in Thailand.

Taemin Yunhanam Episode 6 by 샤이니☆스타
20th-Nov-2008 08:52 pm - [Mod] Welcome

Welcome to the SHINee Fashion Show!

I'm not a really professional moderator, so I don't know what to say really except to explain the rules and the comm, so...here I go.

The rules are pretty basic and common sense so you should know what it is already, but I have other rules that other comms don't have since this is a different type of comm.

What this is about
This community is where you will post SHINee outfits also called SHINee sets.
It can be just a one member set or two or three or just all of them (look at the bottom page for an example.)
You can also post couple sets like your outfit with Taemin's so it could match or a 2Min set.
You have to create the sets on Polyvore.
You can also do requests if you want but keep it organized.

These are my rules for this comm specifically.
-Do not advertise anything without my permission.
-Nothing else should be posted here except advertisements.
-Tag your posts (there is a list of tags).
More will be added soon when I can think of some.

Ex. Jonghyun by Bitter Sweet

If you have any questions PM me.

Post it here

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